Game Sessions

At Lazer Rush we love a game session. Who wants to play just one or two games?  Come for hours of fun at one of our great game sessions.  All game sessions are non-bookable, but you can reserve spaces from the day before by phone or in person – just arrive by the start time on the day.

Kids Quasar Club

Every Sunday morning 10:00 – 12:30 this game session offers lots of games for a great price.  For just £9 per person you get to play a minimum of 3 games (probably a lot more!).  Get to try different game formats we don’t run at other times.  Recommended maximum age 16.


Serious about wanting to learn how to play competitively?  Then the academy is a great way to get instruction on how this game is played.  Every Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00.  The sessions are free, but paid bookings take priority so the number of games varies.  Ages 12+ 

Holiday Game Session

Every school holiday we run our holiday game session 13:00 – 17:00 for just £9.99 per person Monday to Friday.  During this time we squeeze in as many games for you as we can.  Lots of different game formats. This is for any age group.

Play-All-Day / Evening

Play-all-day tickets are available for £15 per person and are valid on weekends and school holidays.

We also offer play-all-evening tickets for £10 per person, which are valid from 16:00 until close every day week day term time.

This is for any age group.  Tickets are subject to availability and depend upon bookings due in that day.  These cannot be booked in advance.




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Available at any time by booking in advance.

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