Frequently Asked

The Laser Game

Please wear loose fitting clothing and flat-soled shoes such as trainers.  You cannot play in high heeled shoes.

All the equipment is supplied by us.  So you need not bring anything along.  If you are an asthma sufferer then we recommend that you bring your inhaler. 

The game arena is a maze of dark corridors and ramps.  Lighting effects and music create an exciting atmosphere.  The arena is split across two levels, connected via two large ramps.  Team bases are located downstairs.

The minimum age to play is 6 years old.  There is no maximum age.

If your child is small for their age then you’re welcome to bring them in to try the equipment on and see if they’ll be OK.


The fastest way to book is over the phone or in person during our opening hours.  You submit a web enquiry using the Contact Us section on this website, but we do not normally respond to these outside of our opening hours.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   This ensures we can start the games promptly, and if we are providing food allows us to take down food orders.

Please do let us know if you’re running late.  We will do our absolute best to adjust to whenever you arrive.  We may have others booked in as well, so we may not always be able to fit you in to games the moment you arrive.

Do not worry – you only pay for the number of guests who actually attend.  This is subject to our minimums which are 8 for a party booking, 15 for an evening exclusive, or 50% of your booking size, whichever is greater.  The only exception is if you have requested exclusive use (other than 8pm to 10pm special) , and then you will be charged the full exclusive rate no matter the number of guests.

Yes – we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.  We will generally hold bookings for a few days on request without a deposit, but we do ask that you pay the deposit within 3 days or we reserve the right to cancel the booking.  Deposits can be paid in person or over the phone during our opening hours.

You can cancel at any time by giving us a call or dropping by during our opening hours.  If a deposit has been paid then in most instances this would be forfeit. However please do let us know why you are cancelling as we do consider a refund in some circumstances.


We use only lasers with below 1mW of power in our laser game equipment. This means they are very low powered and do not present a risk to players of the game.  

You should bring your inhaler.  Even if you haven’t had to use it for years, we recommend having it with you.  Laser Rush is no different to any other physical activity, and carries the same risks as any sport or game.

Yes – there are rules posted up within the venue.  You must follow these rules as explained by the marshal.  These rules are for everyone’s safety:

  • Maximum of walking speed only
  • You must stand up at all times
  • Keep at least arms length from other players
  • Remain on the floor at all times
  • Be polite to other players
  • Obey the marshals at all times

As epilepsy is triggered differently in each individual, we cannot offer guidance on this.  There are flashing and moving lighting effects which could affect some sufferers.  Some of these can be turned off on request, although for safety reasons some lights must remain on.


You may bring a cake with you to celebrate your special occasion as part of any booking.

You can only bring your own food as part of the party package.  We do offer a range of food as well at very reasonable rates.

We do cater for specific allergies.  Please do let us know when booking so that we can ensure we have the right products in stock for your visit.

Please note that we have a single food preparation area and cooking equipment.  While we do our best to stop cross-contamination, we are unable to totally prevent it.

If your guest would prefer to bring their own food, then they are welcome to do so.

We do need to know if you are wanting food as part of your booking, as this ensures we have sufficient trained staff to cook your food.  However we do not need your food order until you arrive.

All food is served with chips, sweet corn and peas (although each of these is optional!)

Guests can choose from one of the following:

  • Pizza
  • Sausages
  • Fish Fingers
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Veggie Nuggets

Food is served with unlimited squash drink.


Unit 45a Joseph Wilson Estate
Millstrood Road

Available at any time by booking in advance.

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